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Workshop 1: Are you a Kim Kardashian or a Warren Buffet? Are you rhabits and attitudes about money helping you suceed or holding you back? Presented by Ann House, AFC. Union Panorama East, 12:15pm, Wednesday, September 12

Workshop 2: The Best Resources for Scholarships. Don't leave free money on the table! Learn how to find the best scholarships to apply for an how ot make your application stand out. Presented by Jenny Ryan, Assistant Director of Scholarships. Union Panorama East. 11:30am. Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Workshop 3: Why credit cards are more tempting than a Cinnabon. Don’t get caught in the credit card trap. Learn to use and build credit so you can score an 850! Presented by University Federal Credit Union. Union Panorama East, 12:15pm, Wednesday, November 7 

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Last Updated: 11/7/18