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About the Center

The Personal Money Management Center provides a competent and confidential atmosphere where students can have access to accredited counseling services, quality financial education and appropriate tools to achieving lifelong successful financial outcomes.

The Personal Money Management Center at the University of Utah was originally created in 2011 to provide financial counseling for students. 


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Ann C. House

Ann: Ann House is a certified financial counselor and educator. She established the Personal Money Management Center in 2011 as a resource for students. She wants the University students to learn to become savvy consumers as they will be making dozens of consumer-financial decisions each day throughout their lives. Ann is also an amateur astronomer, spending her summers in southern Utah gazing at the night sky.

tiffany davis

Tiffany Davis
Assistant Director

Tiffany is a U Alumni who studied financial planning. She has worked at the Personal Money Management Center for 5 years. She is an accredited financial counselor and an IRS certified tax preparer and VITA volunteer. She enjoys camping, spending time with her daughter and is always planning her next vacation.




Alyson Palmer
Administrative Assistant

Alyson is a recent graduate from the University of Utah in Exercise Sports Science with a minor in nutrition. Although she is not working in the fitness wellness field, she finds it very important to learn about finances. Alyson has been working here for 2 years and will continue to be here for the next couple of years. In her free time she enjoys being active, trying new foods, traveling, and videography.


Viridiana Najera
Graduate Assistant

Viri graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Sociology, and Human Development and Family Studies in 2017.  Viri is currently a Graduate student for the Education, Leadership, and Policy with an emphasis in student affairs program here at the U of U.  Her passion for higher education started when she was in grade school. Her interest include being outdoors, traveling, food, exploring and advocating for social justice.


Lilly Kanishka
Peer Mentor

Lilly is a first generation student completing her final year with a major in Anthropology with a Health Emphasis with the goal of applying to medical school. She has been actively involved on campus through several departments and offices, and hopes to graduate debt free! In her free time she enjoys hiking, brunching, napping and traveling. As a Peer Mentor, Lilly hopes to be a confidant for students in helping them navigate college, expenses and improving their financial wellness!


Larry Norris
Peer Mentor

Larry is a senior here at the U and studying marketing. He loves it here at the PMMC! Larry loves finance and likes to help students learn simple principals to wealth building and help them to become financially fit. One day he hopes to become a certified financial counselor and help students as he has been helped. He likes outdoor activities, has his own skateboard company and his lifelong goal is to be an entrepenuer.

Zach Frazier

Zach Frazier
Peer Mentor

Zach is a senior here at the U and is majoring in Consumer and Community Studies with an emphasis in Financial planning. He finds his education to be applicable to every day life and wishes to put his knowledge to work by assisting other students with financial decisions. Zach looks forward to starting a family with his wife after graduation and enjoys playing sports, outdoor recreation and fixing his own vehicles. When his busy schedule doesn’t permit him to get outdoors, he spends his time getting in touch with his sentimental side by watching dramas with his wife.



Gil Smith

Gil Smith
Peer Mentor

Gil is a junior studying finance here at the U. He loves all things financially related so his position here at the PMMC is a great fit! Gil always enjoys any chance to assist students in their financial endeavors to help them build confidence and knowledge with financial literacy. After he completes schooling, Gil aspires to lead others in financial advising and consulting. In his free time he loves to ride motorcycles while enjoying the outdoors.





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Personal Money Management Center
A. Ray Olpin University Union, RM 317
200 S Central Campus Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

(801) 585-7379



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Last Updated: 11/27/18