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Finding Reliable Guidance and Avoiding Red Flags


When navigating the landscape of personal finance, it is important to find reliable sources of information and seek guidance from reputable professionals. Engaging with legitimate financial advisors, counselors, or educational resources can provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions and cultivate a healthier financial future. Having a guide to look out for red flags and being able to identify what your needs are is essential for your journey. When you are looking for some advice on your money, turn to a financial counselor or coach.

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Sinking Funds

balancing act with finances

In short, sinking fund categorizations are a great way to prioritize self-care while also staying within your budget. It helps to balance present-you needs while also saving for future-you.

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High Yield Savings Accounts

high yield savings accounts

Saving money is one of the most important skills you can learn and develop while in college. Part of the process of getting into the habit of saving is finding the best place to save your money. To make the most of all the hard earned money you are saving, a great option is to open up a high yield savings account (HYSA).

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A Belated Valentine's

Valentine's Day is widely known as a holiday centered around romantic love and couples, however, being single on this day is not all bad, particularly when it comes to financial wellness.

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add a tip

When do we tip, and when can we say no to tipping without feeling bad about that choice. This blog post dives into the history of tipping, why tipping became so big in recent years, and ends with actionable things to keep in mind next time you are prompted to leave a tip.

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